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Choosing Grade 12



Stanstead College is one of only a small number of schools in Quebec that offer a Grade 12 year. Ours is based on Ontario Grade 12 pre-university courses as well as Advanced Placement courses in Biology, Calculus, Chemistry, 比较政治学, Economics, 英国文学与写作, Français, Human Geography, 物理和工作室艺术. 所有课程都符合大学入学要求. 体育菠菜大平台是ACT和SAT考试的指定考试日期的考试中心. 大约95%的12年级毕业生进入大学.

Grade 12 graduates come away prepared academically and mentally for life after high school. Athletics, clubs, 充满活力的菠菜大平台导航, 与来自世界各地的学生互动, a community of learning and support – that’s the Stanstead College experience.
  • 在上大学之前探索你的选择.
  • 做好学业准备.
  • 受益于大学的全面指导.
  • 直接进入加拿大和美国的顶尖大学.
  • 培养领导能力.
  • 参加精英、严格的运动项目.
  • 交一辈子的朋友.
  • 发现你能成为什么样的人.


  • 尊重、专注、安全的学习环境
  • 小班制:12年级每班平均12人
  • A diverse and challenging curriculum, including many Advanced Placement courses
  • 大学的指导 members who help students discover their post-secondary options, narrow those options down to clear post-secondary goals and guide them through the process of achieving those goals
  • 7-day-a-week boarding : A maturing experience that fosters self-reliance
  • 独家12年级男女混合宿舍,考恩楼
  • Committed faculty and staff: Personal help and attention readily available
  • Information technology: The use of laptop computers on a wireless campus-wide network allowing for broad and effective integration of information technology  throughout the school
  • 全面的课外活动, 包括体育, the arts, a wide variety of clubs and the opportunity to be involved in community service
  • 领导能力和出差机会
  • 与来自世界各地的同学建立终身友谊
“Attending Stanstead College wasn’t something that was originally planned. 它就像突然冒出来的一样. 但那是一次很棒的经历,我很高兴我去了. 这给了我一年的时间来成长为一名运动员,但更重要的是, 学术为我上大学做准备. Stanstead was a vital stepping stone for college life, as it mimicked what to expect. 这是一个很好的选择,我还会再做一次.”


大学预科的新视角, 体育菠菜大平台12年级的专属宿舍, Cowen House, offers Stanstead College students a sense of what university dorm life is like. 男孩和女孩的翅膀是分开的, 男女混合宿舍提供结构化的, supervised living along with certain freedoms befitting their senior status. 这所房子的门是开着的 fall of 2019.

参观一下我们的12年级吧 girls and boys rooms!


12年级的先修课程提供学术丰富, 学习和应试技巧的发展, and, in many cases, 学院和大学一年级的学分. AP allows students to choose enrichment in their stronger subjects and 学习和应试技巧的发展. In addition, the external testing offered by the AP program is valuable in the university admission process because, 不像学校的分数, 无论考试在哪里进行,考试成绩都具有可比性. The AP curriculum truly completes our school program and complements the Stanstead mission. Stanstead College also offers the possibility of independent online courses.


Grade 12 Courses