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About Us

This is Us

Welcome to Stanstead College

I arrived at Stanstead as a kid and am leaving as a young woman who finally knows who she is. Stanstead gave me a home, a family, a place where I finally felt like I belong. I can never thank Stanstead enough for making me me. I may be leaving Stanstead, but Stanstead is not leaving me. As a matter of fact, I am still wearing my orientation day bracelet and it’s not going anywhere.
- Rosalie Gadoua-Giroux, Class of 2020, is studying Political Science at McGill University

Our Motto

Sanitas Sapientia Religio — Health, Wisdom, Integrity

Our Mission

By providing students with a structured and enriching educational experience in a small, globally aware community, Stanstead College builds a foundation for success at university and beyond.

Our Vision

Our vision rests on our ability over 150 years to reinforce traditional values while embracing innovation in a constantly changing world. We achieve success by providing students with a secure, sustainable environment for learning, personal growth and leadership. Our diverse and nurturing community promotes the values of health, wisdom and integrity.

Our Students

The Stanstead College experience instills in its students a special combination of skills, knowledge and values that prepare them to achieve their own personal goals as well as contribute to their communities as responsible, global citizens.